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Partizanske townLocation:
18°22´ east longitude
48°38´ north latitude
Altitude: 220 metres
Area: 22,37 square kilometres

Trencin- app. 45 km                                 Nitra- app. 55 km
Trnava- app. 90 km                                  Zilina- app. 98 km
Banska Bystrica- app. 115 km               Bratislava- app. 130 km
Presov- app. 300 km                                Kosice- app. 320 km
Brno- app. 180 km                                    Vienna- app. 210 km
Budapest- app. 355 km                           Prague- app. 390 km

Geographic situation:
The town of Partizanske is situated in the southern part of Trencin’s region in the place where the river Nitrica enters the river Nitra. Cadastral area of Partizanske is a part of the northern limb of the Danubian Hills while a slightly undulating relief meets the massif of Tribec on the south-east.

Partizanske has a warm continental climate having more than 50 days with maximum temperature above 25°C during summer seasons. According to the values measured by meteorological station in Velke Uherce the average precipitations are 632 mm/year.

The main river is the Nitra which flows from east to west and forms the southern border of the town. In the area of Partizanske other small rivers such as the Nitrica, the Krstenany stream and the Zabokreky stream can be found.
The town has one man-made lake called Bager and a wetland named Bahna. Partizanske is rich in underground thermal water. Three individual thermal water sources have been found in the area.

As for the quality of soil, the type of clayey and riverine soil prevails. At present almost the whole area of the town is deforested except for the southern limb of the Tribec mountain range where oak and hornbeam trees dominate.


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