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The city of Partizanske is an independent local self-governing unit of the Slovak Republic associating citizens with permanent residency and entities having their seat or carrying their activities on the territory of the city. The city is a separate legal entity managing its own property and with its own financial sources. Obligations and restrictions can be imposed on the city only based on the law (according to the law of the Slovak National Council No. 369/1990 Coll. Municipal Act) and based on the international treaty. Basic task of the city when executing self-governing function is to take care of the universal development of the territory and the needs of its citizens.
The Statute of the city of Partizanske is a basic legal act of the city. All generally binding city regulations, resolutions of the city bodies and other rules must be in line with the Statute of the city and generally valid legal regulations.
The city council and the mayor of the city are the two city bodies
The city council is composed the members elected in direct elections by the citizens for a 4-year period. The city council can create regulations and makes decisions about basic topics of the city life. The city council can create or cancel bodies necessary to self-govern the city and determine their scope of work (the city board, commisions, city police and other temporary executive or control organs).
The Mayor represents the city and is its supreme executive body. The mayor is the city´s legal representative.
The City Office is an executive body of the city council and the mayor. It secures organisational and administration functions for both as well as for bodies created by the city council. The City Office is not a separate legal entity.
A special body is a City Controller elected by the City Council for a 6-year period. He is independent of the mayor and performs controls on how laws and regulations are being observed by the City Office and the City Organisations.

The city of Partizanske is a founder of 3 non-profit organisations, 3 limited liability companies, 1 city contribution organisation , 5 elementary schools and 1 elementary art schol.
The city organisations of Partizanske:

  1. Mestská umelecká agentúra Partizánske
  2. Domov n.o., Partizánske
  3. Správa majetku mesta, n. o., Partizánske
  4. Technické služby mesta Partizánske, spol. s r.o.
  5. Vydavateľstvo TEMPO, s.r.o.
  6. Správa káblových rozvodov, s.r.o.


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