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Countryside and surroundings

Protected regions of the Partizanske district:

WR Velky Vrch (Male Krstenany; 46,6132 ha; 5th level of conservation)
This area is an important place where various kinds of thermophilic plants and animals can be found. Most of them cannot be found in a notherby direction. The area is the subject of a scientific research.

WR Dobrotinske skaly (Velke Uherce; 7,39 ha; 5th level of conservation)
It is the area where the remaining xerophytes and thermophiles plants species are preserved in the nothern part of the geomorpholigical Tribec mountain range for scientific research, culture and education purposes.

WR Chynoriansky luh (Chynorany; 44,36 ha; 4th level of conservation)
WR Chynorany is the only area of the original flooded forest of the Upper Nitra region that remained. It is characterized by the woods where elm ash trees (Fraxinus) and hornbeam trees (Carpinus Betulus) can be found. This area is also an important habitat for various fauna and flora species especially in the flooded forest.

PA Brodziansky park (Brodzany; 6,702 ha; 3rd level of conservation)
The subject of conservation is a historical forest style park the beginning of which goes back as far as the end of 19th century where a Renaissance- Baroque castle is situated. The park was rather neglected after the Second World War. A few outlandish species of woody plants can be found there.

NS Nitrica (Hradiste, Skacany; 2,96 ha; 5th level of conservation)
The natural sanctuary of the Nitrica river is a place with preserved streamside vegetation and flooded forest where the original river used to flow in the northern limb of the Danubian Hills. The locality plays an important role in a scientific research, culture and education.
PT Velke Uherce broadleaved limetree (Velke Uherce; 2nd level of conservation)
Broadleaved limetree (Tilia Platyphyllos Scop.) can be found in the local cemetery. The protected tree has a perimeter of 450 cm and it is 20 metres high. Its crown has a diameter of 14 meters and the tree is 200 years old. It is in a good condition for its age and is aestethically unique.

Area proposed to be protected:
PA Bielicke Bahna (Partizanske- Velke Bielice; 2,9 ha, 3rd level of conservation)
This locality is characterized by a soft wetland on a peat bed with a warm thermal water source. There are also several smaller lakes filled with thermal water. The lakes are about 50 cm deep with a mud layer of about 1 meter which dry out during dry seasons. As a result of the above mentioned facts the hydro and hygrophyt vegetation of willow woods (Salix) and separate woody plants prevail.
A unique habitat of a European importance Ra5 (7210*) can be found in this locality - calcareous moorlands with Cladium Mariscus and species of Caricion Davallianae group and other protected vegetation. It is a home for various bird species.

Abbreviation definitions:
WR- wildlife reserve
PA- protection area
NS- natural sanctuary
PT- protected tree








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