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Partizanske itself is a relatively young town. Its history starts in 1938–1939, when the Bata Shoes company from Zlin built a shoe factory in the cadastral area of Šimonovany village. When the residential houses and cultural facilities were built the settlement of Batovany was created as a part of the Simonovany village. With a quick growth of the factory, the Batovany village started to grow. And so in 1948 the whole municipality was renamed to Baťovany and it was given the town status. In recognition of the local inhabitants fighting in the Slovak National Uprising, the town was renamed Partizánske on February 9, 1949.

At present, Partizanske is a modern town with an architectural signs of functionalism. It has a well built up infrastructure with plenty of green spaces thanks to which it is called “ The town of green spaces”. Industry in this youngest Slovak town was oriented in shoe making and leather processing. Nowadays, various businesses set up in the town thanks to tertiary economic fields that offer good opportunities for the economic growth.

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