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Mayor of the town of Partizanske

Primátor Partizánskeho Jozef Božik PaedDr. Jozef Božik, PhD.

Date of birth: 30th May 1976
Education: Slovak University

since 21st December, 2010 Mayor of Partizanske


The Mayor of Partizanske is a town representative and a top executive body of the town. His status is regulated at law No. 369/1990 Collection of Laws, § 13.

The pay terms are regulated at law of Slovak National Council No. 253/94 Collection of Laws, concerning the status and pay terms of town mayors and city mayors.

a/ monthly minimum salary at law § 4 of Slovak National Council No. 253/1994 Collection of Laws, in the sum of 3.21 multiple of an average mothly basic salary of a civil servant in the Slovak Republic.

b/ monthly minimum pay rise by 331.94 €

c/ allow a 45% monthly compensation of a monthly salary total (a/+b/)

Public office hours
From 8.00 am to 3.30 pm every Wednesday. It is recommended to arrange the meeting in advance with the Head Secretary of Municipal Office over the phone at no. 038/53 63 052.

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