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The main idea of the blazon design was to picture the symbol of the shoe industry (it gave cause for the town foundation) as well as the symbol from the historical seal of Simonovany (the town was founded in its cadastral area and Simonovany is a part of Partizanske). Since these two symbols are totally different from historical and subject point of view, they could not be displayed in the same part of the undivided coat of arms. For these reasons there are two symbols displayed separately in the blazon design.
The coat of arms itself is horizontally divided into two parts. The upper part called the head represents according to heraldic rules 2/7th of its total height and in the divided coat of arms it is situated in front of its other parts. This fact played an important role in placing the symbols in the town’s coat of arms.
In the head we can see a shoe situated between two wild roses. The main symbol is a shoe placed in the middle of the head to represent the importance of the shoemaking production for the town as the main source of people’s living. The wild roses symbolise the Sipok hill which dominates the town.
The bottom part of the coat of arms contains of symbols from the historical seal of Simonovany: there is a wheat bunch situated between a sickle and a plough share with three stars above them. All the three items symbolize agricultural production which was the main source of living in the past and even today it is not less important. The three stars copied from the seal of Simonovany most probably symbolize the Virgin Mary to whom the local church is dedicated. The stars represent one of her attributes.

According to the heraldic rules the coat of arms is made alternatingly of a metal and a colour. Two types of metals (silver and gold) and two different colours (red and blue) were used.
The head of coat of arms is red. According to the heraldic rules red colour is the most important one that symbolizes courage and fighting of inhabitants in the Slovak National Uprising. The gold shoe represents the importance of the shoe production in the past as well as in the present days. In contrast to the red background the flowers of wild roses are silver.
The bottom part of the divided coat of arms is blue, according to the heraldic rules it is the second basic colour which at the same time is the dominant one in the Simoni family blazon. The gold wheat bunch situated between the sickle and the plough share with the three gold stars stand out from the blue background. Gold and silver colours in these symbols underline their importance for the inhabitants in the past as well as in the present days.

The flag of Partizanske since 1996
The choice of the flag colours was influenced by the blazon design. The flag has six across bands in yellow, red, white, blue, white and blue. The ratio of the sides is 2:3, the end of the flag is cut as far as 1/3 of its surface, thus forming 2 corners.

The seal of Partizanske
The seal consists of the town’s blazon and the following words written in a circle “MESTO PARTIZANSKE”.(The town of Partizanske)

The symbol of Partizanske- Flower shoe
Partizanske has always been connected to the shoe making industry. As a result the flower shoe was made the symbol of the town in the 1960‘s. Every spring flowers of various colours are planted in a different design to make the shoe attractive.

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